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  1. centrifuge definition: The definition of a centrifuge is a machine that uses a force pulling dense objects away from the center to separate particles or to draw off moisture. (noun) An example of a centrifuge is a machine that separates cream and milk.
  2. Jul 02,  · The site of the fire corresponds to a newly opened centrifuge production facility, said Fabian Hinz, a researcher at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury.
  3. Electric Centrifuge Machine Lab Medical Practice V rpm 20ml x 6 $ HFS(R) Desktop Electric Centrifuge Lab Rpm CapMl X 6 Tube () V.
  4. Floor Model Centrifuges Performance simplified at every turn Set the standard for quality and productivity in the lab with our floor model centrifuges. For high-speed or high-capacity sample processing, our advanced superspeed, ultracentrifuges, micro-ultracentrifuges and large capacity centrifuges meet your critical research needs.
  5. Since Beckman Coulter has been providing centrifugation solutions for laboratories, hospitals and universities around the world. Innovative centrifugation technology has helped us serve customers in life sciences, biotech, pharma, clinical diagnostics, academic and industrial sectors across the globe.
  6. centrifuge This is no doubt related to the increased interest in gas centrifuges as a means of separating uranium isotopes. From the Cambridge English Corpus The homogenate was centrifuged and the .
  7. Centrifuge Rotors Our centrifuge rotors are designed for maximum application flexibility and quality separations, supporting applications across clinical and blood banking, microbiology, tissue culture, molecular biology and genomics, drug discovery and proteomics. 3D Demo: Explore the Pro Centrifuge .
  8. Centrifuge is a very rapid and memory-efficient system for the classification of DNA sequences from microbial samples, with better sensitivity than and comparable accuracy to other leading systems. The system uses a novel indexing scheme based on the Burrows-Wheeler transform (BWT) and the Ferragina-Manzini (FM) index, optimized specifically for the metagenomic classification problem.
  9. Centrifuge, any device that applies a sustained centrifugal force —that is, a force due to rotation. Effectively, the centrifuge substitutes a similar, stronger, force for that of gravity. Every centrifuge contains a spinning vessel; there are many configurations, depending on use.

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